How About Ten Cross Yo Lips?



Indian Larry Motorcycles Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary Of The Block Party!

Text and Photos by Richie Pan

Indian Larry Motorcycles is probably one of the most recognizable names in the motorcycle business today. Their shop, located in Brooklyn, has to be on any true chopper jockey’s “must visit” list. There is constantly a flow of traffic through their doors from kids down the street to entire clubs of people who make a pilgrimage to see the shop that still carries the late Larry Desmidt’s name.
Today, the shop sits just a few blocks over from its original location that many will remember from the fame it garnished through the Biker Build-Off craze. While some of the names and faces have changed, a few things have stayed exactly as they were.
Bobby and Elisa Seeger — owners of Indian Larry Motorcycles — go above and beyond to make sure that the bikes themselves carry the classic look and function that Larry built his name upon. The vibe in the shop is exactly like it was back in the day, but the one aspect that is the point of this article is the Block Party — their annual celebration of friends and customers.


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