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Hot Holiday Gift Ideas From Zippers

By December 9, 2012General Posts

MaxFlow Air Filter Kits for EFI Models

Here's a nice power increase that's easy to install and easy on the budget! MAXFlow Air Filter Kits by Zipper's Performance are designed to replace the stock air cleaner assembly, featuring Zipper's MAXFlow air filter element. This cleanable/oilable, pleated element is over 2-3/4" deep to really let that engine breathe. Click here to learn more.


HiFlow Air Filter Kits for EFI Models

HiFlow air filter kits by Zipper's Performance Products are similar to the MaxFlow air filter kits except the filter is the standard 2-1/4" deep. This filter kit increases flow without increasing the overall width of the air cleaner for those with leg room concerns. Bolt it on and feel the difference! Click here to learn more.



Stage 1 Upgrade Kits for Twin Cam® or EVO Style Cover

Is your bike already equipped with a factory Stage I performance air cleaner? Raise the level another step! Zipper's MaxFlow Stage I Upgrade Kit includes a specially designed, 100% washable pleated fabric filter made from multiple layers of surgical-quality cotton gauze material that traps the smallest dirt particles while providing dramatic flow increases. The element is 5/8" deeper than the factory performance filter it is designed to replace yielding over 60% more surface area than the Stage I filter. Takes about 5 minutes to install – the difference is immediately noticeable! Click here to learn more.