Hells Angels Buy Out Entire Walmart Bike Supply For Christmas Charity


For most of the last two decades, the Hells Angels motorcycle club in California has been a major sponsor of a Christmas charity for needy children.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, one intrepid Reddit user witnessed the angels purchasing a California Walmart’s entire stock of children’s bicycles.

The 200+ plus bikes will go straight to the Poverello House, a California based-charity for the homeless and impoverished.

In 2010, the secretary for the Hells Angels opened up about why the group supports Poverello House.

“People read what they want to read, and believe what they want to believe, we believe in these kids. We want to make sure to bring these toys here for these kids to have a great Christmas,” Merl Hefferman told KMPH.

“You got Wind and Fire, you got Screamin Demons, you got just the regular Joe riding his motorcycle. It’s everybody coming together to make this come together.”

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