Here’s my take on gun control. I have a basic problem with gun restrictions as a reaction to the Florida shooting. Obviously, our government officials were warned about this individual numerous times. So basically, when you restrict, you are asking the public to rely on the government…They failed, so they want to blame the gun manufacturers.

Here’s the most important thought in all of these issues: We need a strong, educated society, not a weak one hiding behind an over-weight security guard. If a fire breaks out in a school, do you want cowering or knowledgeable students able to deal with any situation?

We were once that strong society. I grew up after some of the worst violence in the planet’s history. I grew up knowing about violence and facing violence constantly. I went to Vietnam for three tours. Right now, look around at the planet. There is violence everywhere and our political structure seems to ignore this and paint our world as a modern utopia, where we no longer need to work out, or to train, or to own guns.

I wish it was so, but it’s not. Man is a violent beast. Be willing and prepared to get ready for anything. Protect yourself, your family and your neighbors.

Shit, I wanted to discuss riding free and heading to Daytona.


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