George Christie, Former Hells Angels President of Ventura, California, filming in “Marked-The Unforgiven” in Europe.

We caught up with George Christie via video chat as he sits in his apartment in Malaga, Spain. He is currently filming “Marked-The Unforgiven” in Europe but the production is on “hiatus” due to the Covid 19 quarantine.

“Marked-The Unforgiven” is the story of a former Marine recon sniper, Jack Crest, who returns home to Ventura, California, from Afghanistan and becomes the protégé of the character, Big John, played by Christie. The Crest character links up with Big John who is a Vietnam era sniper and the two form a motorcycle club (MC) made up of only veterans which is a unique twist. The original 12 members of the club are made up of Marine Recon, Green Berets, Navy Seals and a Coast Guard captain. Their backgrounds provide a rich vein from which to mine story arcs.  One of the more intriguing story arcs is the long and mysterious connection that Big John has to the Chicago Syndicate (traditional organized crime) and that “Marked-The Unforgiven” MC is representing and operating their gambling and loan sharking for all of Ventura county which provides a never before seen insiders view into how these illegal activities are part of every day life in California.  As the character, Big John, tells his crew “there are no victims in gambling, only volunteers, they come to us to place bets and we take them. Things only get complicated when they can’t pay”.

Pat Andrew, executive producer of Wanda-Halcyon television, explains that “Marked-The Unforgiven” is effectively a soap opera about the life of a unique motorcyle club and the dichotomies between the members of the club and the people they deal with. Flashbacks on all the characters in Season 1 reveal that some come from typical families, some from broken homes and a lot of their personalities are shaped by their combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq. The George Christie character, Big John, is not only dealing with a group of trained killers but also with a group that has issues with opiate dependency, post traumatic stress syndrome etc. but there is also another side to this group- they believe in brotherhood and love of their country. There is a rebel spirit that runs through the club and the character, Big John, is not only the MC President but also assumes the role of father, psychiatrist, drug rehab counsellor and “hammer” to keep his own guys in line while also dealing with other facets that flesh out the story arc; their trigger-happy partners – the Chicago syndicate and their lethal leader, their nemesis- the Mexican Cartel and the “slice of Americana” characters who make up the core of the gambling and loansharking clients of the club.
Hang on for the interview with George in the Bikernet News next week.–Bandit
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