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Further Adventures of the Borderland Biker -Chapter 11

By January 3, 2014General Posts




How To Outrun An Echo
By Derrel Whitemyer

“I’m flesh again,” said a newly formed but rapidly aging, Augie, “but not for long.”

Not repulsed by the inventor’s decaying body, Larry ran to where Augie was standing. “Come with us. The Raider’s powerful enough to carry the three of us.”

Augie smiled, “Thank you for the offer but as you can see I’m finally dying and it’s for the best. People weren’t meant to live as long as I’ve lived”

Augie took two pair of amber lens glasses from inside his coat, “Pay attention; I’ve little time. First, put on these glasses; with them you’ll be able to see the path you’ll have to follow to get out of the City and to the airfield. It may even lead you out of the Old Places but I’m not sure. Your tank map’s of no use now that the parabolic disks have been turned off.”