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BERU 2015-0081


Here we go. This is one of those days. I’m not sure where to start. I’m excited and tenuous. This year put me in the middle of a whirlwind. I was attempting to finish my most recent book. It’s a crossroads endeavor. I want it to be the best book I ever wrote,
‘cause it might be my last.

Our 1923 building came under fire and yesterday we had another meeting with Building and Safety. We proposed a couple of fixes and rewriting a bad permit. Our presentation was packed with data, and the guy we met with hadn’t read any of it. After six months, we are rewriting the plan once more.


We’ve done a lot for Bikernet, our readers, and our sponsors. We feel we provide a terrific service, but one element has tortured me for a couple of years and we need to fix it. I’ve kept my ears wide open for solutions. We have received comments and suggestions from lots of folks and experts. The Internet is still a new and ever-changing platform.

I’m anxious to make some very positive changes. Hell, I want the site to be mobile friendly today, and there are a handful of other alterations I would like finished next week. We now have a plan and it’s moving forward. Hang on!

The challenges keep coming, and goddammit we will report on the progress behind each one. Maybe it’s a year of challenges for Bikernet, the USA, the World and the Earth. Let’s see who steps up.

Let’s hit the news. Our Bikernet Weekly new is proudly sponsored by Cycle Source Magazine, Iron Trader, and ChopperTown.

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