Easyriders Bike Show Draws Big Crowds In Sacramento, CA

Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts thundered into Sacramento on their bikes Saturday for the annual Easyriders bike show at the Convention Center.

Organizers expected upward of 15,000 to attend the two-day event. The downtown show is part of a nationwide tour that ends next month in Columbus, Ohio.
"We have all sorts of vendors, from jewelry to helmets to parts," said event manager Kari Roben of Easyriders magazine. "Anything a rider would need."

Hundreds of shiny motorcycles – most from outside the region – lined the streets of downtown, while the deep rumbling of the beauties could be heard miles away.

The target demographic, Roben acknowledged, is men. Few women attended, but Raquel Alvarez was an exception. The Pleasant Hill resident biked from the Bay Area with her boyfriend to the convention.

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