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Could It Be The End Of The Sportster Thursday News? For November 7, 2013

By November 8, 2013General Posts

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The End Of the World As We Know It News?

Hey, This is going to be a wild one. The new Revolution entry level, supposedly, motorcycle was released from H-D (cost between $7,000 and $9,000). The components are made in India and it may be assembled in Kansas at the V-Rod factory. Still some staffers are excited about the new model.

After much discussion with members of the industry the conclusion is not entry level, but the replacement for the Sportster, since this model will be much cheaper to produce and it’s not really entry level priced. The Evo Sporty has been around since 1984-5 and is too long in the tooth.

We just picked up two ATK bikes, mostly made in Korea, by the company building Suzukis for years, and assembled in Salt Lake. The 250 runs just over three grand, and the 650, which is nearly as fast as a V-Rod costs around $6000. Incredible. There are big bore kits available for both.

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