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Colorado Super Show

By April 5, 2014General Posts


With 15 judging categories, there was something for everyone.  

Winter in Colorado has been tough for bikers, warm sun during the week, cold and wet on the weekends. Those of us who hold down a regular job have been itching to hit the road. A steady job, good wife, and inclement weather has been the ruin of many a good biker. The date for the Colorado Super Show in Colorado Springs was scratched on my calendar. Watching the weather it hadn’t looked too good and I was resolved to take the truck. A few days before the event the weather changed and with the change was a glimmer of hope for sunshine and warm. Waking to the potential of a warm day a smile spread across my face and the outlook for the day started looking up. I grabbed my camera tossed on my cold weather gear (warm is relative) and loaded the Road King for a little trip.

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