CBXG-1 Trike Kit available for Harley Street 500 and 750 models.

By October 29, 2018General Posts

Elite Technologies USA, a corporate partner of Suspension Technologies, announced today they are shipping their CBXG-1 Trike Kit for Harley-Davidson Street™ 500 and 750 models. The kit is developed specifically for the Street platform and allows enthusiasts to enter the trike experience at less than half the price of a big twin model.

This light-weight kit, in conjunction with the optional Black Hill Series shocks, delivers a fine-tuned riding experience accommodating the additional weight and load capacity of the CBXG-1 Trike Kit.

The kit comes 85% assembled. It’s shipped with premium components, including anodized 6061-T6 (aircraft grade) aluminum axle housings and differential cage; heat-treated 8620 performance axles and high-load, tapered roller-bearings for durability; a powder coated swing-arm designed with high-strength, structural steel tubing; and midnight black painted fiberglass fenders.

“Elite Technologies USA mission-driven engineering operation, combined with our knowledge base from running NASCAR and NHRA suspension programs, assisted the team in developing one of the most responsive and fun-to-ride trikes in the market,” Mike Alex, Owner/Manager. “Our kit literally delivers more smile-per-miles than any trike out there.”

The CBXG-1 Trike Kit for Harley-Davidson Street™ 500 and 750 models are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Florida. Raw materials, lubricants, rods, bushings, and seals are sourced from the United States.

“Our CBXG-1 Trike Kit has met with significant interest in the Harley-Davidson community, with our first six kits delivered to Harley Davidson Tampa FL Dealership,” said Noah Jacobson, Owner/Partner. “Everything you love about rolling free we’ve engineered on three wheels.”

The brake rotor, caliper, and pulley are stock units from the Street™ and are pre-installed in the CBXG-1 Trike Kit. The kit requires no cutting or welding and is designed to allow the trike to be easily returned back to stock. A qualified technician can install the trike kit within 60 minutes. More info here.