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A Cool Light Grille From Headwinds

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Headwinds' new 7” Black-Cut Mercury Grill replaces the stock beauty ring on all FLST headlights. It is black anodized with a polished shine-line on the vertical bars. The 2-3/4” long convex grill has considerable depth and blends with the headlight profile giving your bike a stunning look! Easy-to-install. Fully machined from billet aluminum. Made in the USA by Headwinds. 626-359-8044 or see

Harley-Davidson World Ride Tallies 7.8 Million Miles

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The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), the official riding club of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, is proud to announce that Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders around the world collectively logged 7,799,140 miles or more than 12.5 million kilometers during the 2012 Harley-Davidson World Ride on June 24-25.

After its launch in 2008 as Million Mile Monday, the annual event was expanded into the two-day World Ride for 2012 to give more riders worldwide an opportunity to participate, resulting in the largest total of collective mileage in the event’s history by a wide margin, with this year’s total eclipsing the previous single-day mileage record by more than 85 percent.

“The tremendous turnout by Harley-Davidson riders for the World Ride showcases the universal appeal of the Harley-Davidson riding experience and the global power of the brand,” said Nigel Villiers, Harley-Davidson Director of H.O.G. and Customer Experience International. “Harley-Davidson is all about providing globally epic motorcycling experiences for a worldwide community of riders and this year’s World Ride truly set a new standard.”

Riders from more than 66 countries participated in the World Ride. These are the mileage totals by riders in the top five participating countries:

United States: 5,994,276 miles (9,646,870 km)

Brazil: 418,145 miles (672,940 km)

Canada: 226,845 miles (365,072 km)

Mexico: 170,082 miles (273,720 km)

Spain: 157,287 miles (253,129 km)

Every mile and kilometer ridden by participants in this year’s World Ride was logged by Harley-Davidson’s online mileage accumulator at, where a rolling odometer recorded the collective distance traveled by all participants in the World Ride in real time as entries were added. Each participant was able to download a commemorative certificate of participation with his or her mileage total for the day.

For more information about the Harley Owners Group and the Harley-Davidson World Ride Powered by SYN3® Lubricants, visit Visit for more information about SYN3 lubricants.