Cambridge Harley dealership serves celebrity client Jason Momoa

by Krista Simpson from

A Hollywood heavyweight was able to enjoy some bikes from a Harley-Davidson dealership in Cambridge last week.

Jason Momoa is a star on both big and small screens, and also a fan of the open road. His love for motorcycles led him to Blackbridge Harley-Davidson.

“Jason has been part of the Harley-Davidson family for quite a while now, he’s worked very closely with the motor company with some of their projects,” Erin Mitchell, with the dealership said. “It’s a pleasure to share his enthusiasm for riding.”

The dealership delivered some new electric LiveWires to Momoa and his crew. The actor of “Aquaman” and “Game of Thrones” is currently filming the second season of “See” in Toronto.

“It was just fortunate, a happy accident I guess,” Mitchell said. “They noticed we were open and that we had bikes for rent.”

The dealership posted about the LiveWire drop-off on social media. Mitchell said Momoa showed off his bike collection and was a gracious host.

“It’s always really easy to speak to any of our customers and guests who are enthusiastic about the brand,” Mitchell said. “There’s lots to talk about, there’s always your last ride, where you want to go next, what you plan on doing with your bike next and having fun on it.”

The experience isn’t just for celebrities. Anyone can come to the dealership and try out the bike.

“(It’s) 105 horsepower, zero to 100 in less than three seconds,” Erik Emin, who is also with the dealership, said. “It’s quite an impressive machine.”

Emin described the LiveWire as something you have to experience to truly appreciate it. The latest models of all the motorcycles at the dealership are available to rent.

“Whether it’s a day, 24 hours, or multi-days during the week or even a weekend, it is available,” Emin said. “This allows the rider to get the better opinion on the book and also if it’s the right bike for them.”

“If you’re wanting to try something new, even just to get out and have fun on it, we always encourage that, because that’s what the love of riding is all about,” Mitchell said.

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