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Bonneville Land Speed Racing Vincent Streamliner and Marvel of Engineering debuts at SPRINGSHOW 2013

By March 4, 2013General Posts


Direct from the Salt Flats at Bonneville, Altometheus 2, the amazing 3-wheeled salt racing motorcycle, will be a feature of the ‘Bikes of the Century’ red carpet display in Hall 3 at the International Centre on the weekend of March 16 & 17.

Altometheus 2 is 20 feet long and was built to race the salt flats by engineering genius John Renwick of Great Britain.  John also built Altometheus 1 which is now in the hands of a private collector in Italy.  Altometheus 2 is a recent acquisition of motorcycle collector and SPRINGSHOW Founder, Bar Hodgson.

The rig’s Vincent engine is 1650cc, with a combined horsepower of 120 on methanol fuel and an additional 60hp when the nitrous oxide is triggered, for a total of 180hp.  The streamliner posted 205 MPH at Bonneville in 2012, without utilizing the nitrous system, before the front tire (from a Harrier jump jet) blew and the parachute was deployed. 

Followers of Bar Hodgson’s exploits may recall that in 2007 he raced the Arrow Streamliner at Bonneville and crashed at almost 200 MPH sustaining moderate injuries and was able to walk away.

The SPRINGSHOW highlights the Canadian debut for Altometheus 2.  It is a great opportunity to see this genuine marvel of engineering and design.  The bodywork will be removed to display its mighty Vincent engine, nitrous system, 16inch diameter cockpit, and other internal workings.

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