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Bikernet Rare Indian Feature for a Stellar Steve McQueen Owned 1935 Indian Chief



I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth.” -Steve McQueen

We are going to attempt to bring Bandit’s Cantina Members more classics coupled with historic info. We need to be culturally balanced between wild shit, boobs, and something from the other side of the tracks, namely historic motorcycles.


We are very fortunate to bring you a Steve McQueen owned 1935 Indian Chief from the La Quay Motorsports Collection hidden in a small town on the gulf of Mexico. Tim and Linda La Quay are the proprietors, and Tim grew up working for his dad in a gas station on the edge of this dusty town. He fell in love with two things as a young man. Both changed his life forever for the better. He fell in love with Linda, and fell in love with cars and bikes.

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