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Bikernet Meets The ATK Muscle Cruiser

By March 26, 2014General Posts



Dr. Feng Straddles the 650 Seat and Faces Journalistic Duties for the First Time.

After spitting a rod through the engine cases of my 5-Ball racing, 1000cc Ninja, Land Speed race bike, (at 187 mph, at the Mojave Mile, a race venue in the high California desert), I have found myself bikeless for some time. A nasty state of affairs for someone who has owned over 70 bikes, and who loves to ride every day, everywhere; no matter the tossed salad excuse for weather, that mother nature seems to be serving up lately. You die-hard Bikernet readers know what I am talking about- being bikeless SUCKS – in spades! You know it – I know it.

This is where the rough, tough, gruff, and oh-so buff, King -editor Bandit comes to the rescue! “Hey, Frank White over at ATK is looking for a little exposure and feedback on their new ATK 650 street bike line-up. How would you like to handle a long-term test on one of their models?”

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