Bikernet Brotherhood Effort: FREE ATOMIC BOB

Editor’s Note: This is an amazing story. I’ve worked with motorcycle artists for over 40 years, from David Mann, to custom bike painters like Dave Perewitz. Many of them became life-long friends and associates. Some, you work with once and never go back for one reason or another.

I was introduced to Atomic Bob and Sara Belle through Prince Najar, who started to work with them on our 5-Ball Racing Leather ™ line for a special one-off touch. Since my location on the west coast fell far from their homes on the east coast I didn’t have a direct, working relationship until I met them at the Smoke Out last year.

I was so moved by their professionalism and Bob’s talents I commissioned them with two artistic pieces to inspire our Bonneville streamlined trike project. That was the start of a magnificent dual project with amazing results. Bob is no slow-moving artistic prima donna. He moved quickly with sketches, was completely receptive to suggestions, and knocked me out with final results, a complete professional. So, I was knocked off my feet when the following occurred. Ever since, we have been doing all we can to support is wife, Sara, and their kids. – Read the story here.

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