Big Bear Bites Back


I knew Kevin and Mona Alsop when their primary business was the Chopper in a Box, build it yourself kits that buyers ordered and actually built themselves. I thought that was so cool. Big Bear Choppers literally founded that concept.  Suddenly, custom American choppers became the gold standard for cool worldwide and BBC was in the eye of the storm. The storm became Hurricane Katastrophe, washing away everyone.  From the worlds largest chopper manufacturers to Ma & Pa choppers, No one was immune.  BBC rode the wave but like everyone else was drowned in the undertow.

Then BBC came up for air.  On February 18, 2012 on of BBC’s dealers announced it had purchased all their assets. Simon Scott, Owner of PT Ragehard Choppers Indonesia announced the opening of our new Motorcycle Manufacturing Facility in San Bernardino, California. Producing and marketing an extensive range of Motorcycles including the full range of Big Bear Choppers previously available through Big Bear Choppers. I went to their new facility, rode the new bikes. Full story coming soon to 

They are building new bikes for international and domestic dealers. The new shop has all state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture high-quality, American-made motorcycles. They also have a complete line of BBC parts and accessories. See more at or call (909) 478-7788.


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