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Belt Drives Limited Acquires Blower Drive Service

By March 10, 2014General Posts

BDL logo big - CopyBelt Drives Limited has announced the purchase of Blower Drive Service. The purchase is a natural extension of the BDL family of companies as Steve Yetzke, BDL President and CEO has a long history with supercharger drive units. Back in early 70’s working at his father’s company Pacific Broach, Steve was involved with the design and manufacturing of blower drive gears for many of the historic blower manufacturers including Cragar. Additionally Steve, founder of Belt Drives Limited, has driven that brand into a household name among the motorcycling community as the premier manufacturer of custom and replacement belt drive units and components for Harley Davidson and similar V-Twin drivelines.

BDSlogolargeFounded by the Railsback family in 1969, BDS prospered due to the family’s dedication and hands on involvement motorsports of all types. With foresight and constant input from their clients BDS became well known for exceptional quality, performance and reliability. That position will be enhanced many fold by the merger with BDL.

Some insight into Yetzke’s total personal involvement and successful business practice is evident in the fact that the entire staff at BDS will remain in place including Norma Iskendarian as GM and Craig Railsback in special projects.

Yetzke’s immediate goal is to take BDS to the next level by increasing manufacturing output significantly and manufacturing each and every component new and in the USA. Many blower manufacturers put Used Parts such as Rotors and Gears and even Bearing Plates into new Blower Cases. The increase in manufacturing output will insure that customers will be able to walk through the door at BDS and purchase a complete blower drive assembly or replacement parts right off the shelf. As one of his first actions orders to the foundry went from 30 Blower Cases to 200 cases Also there are 1,000’s of Pulleys and Belts in stock.

In 2010 Yetzke purchased a new 50,000 sq ft building in Anaheim. The building was virtually stripped and rebuilt using state of the art fittings and accommodations. The shop at BDL house no less than 50 CNC machines which work in conjunction with an army of Gear cutting and Broaching machinery, in a spotless, worker friendly environment. This location will assume select machine duties while the original BDS facility in Whittier, just 19 miles from BDL, will remain the company’s premier facility for sales and service.

The assimilation of BDS will provide BDL with a huge footprint in in the Los Angeles market for all of its companies including:; Belt Drives LTD, Blower Drive Service, JAMAR and GMA.

Under the JAMAR banner the company manufactures a full line of high performance disc brake assemblies, billet pedal packages, remote and fixed brake reservoirs, sealed high performance shifters, steering brakes and much more. While developed for serious off road sport and racing machines where only the strongest survive many of the JAMAR components enjoy obvious crossover application for a wide variety of competition and street applications. In fact JAMAR is set to unveil a unique line of custom disc brake kits dedicated for use on Hot Rods, Muscle cars and custom applications.

GMA is a highly sought after collection of unique billet brake, forward control and handle bar controls and levers for Harley-Davidson and Custom motorcycle applications.

Yetzke is very much a hands on owner who enjoys spending time with his design and development crew, craftsmen in the shop and of course customers. He is at some level involved with every aspect of his companies business and is focused 100% on increasing productivity and production while retaining and where possible enhancing quality and product applications of the BDS line. All of this with products that have since he started his business ventures, been proudly “Made in the U.S.A”.

Bwlow is an introduction to BDL by Steve Yetzke