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Baker's Two Wheel Meltdown Radio Show to Feature BANDIT!

By October 29, 2013General Posts


This is a new radio show hosted by the kind folks here at Baker Drivetrain.

The show is about the importance of American Made, not just Baker, but in every aspect of our lives. It’s a great chance for Bikernet readers to tune-in and listen!

Bandit (Keith Ball),  the legend behind Bikernet, will be on for roughly 10 minutes or so to talk about who he is, and what he does for the industry and for Bikernet. The main focus is a discussion of the importance of buying American made in the motorcycle industry.  The radio channel features companies that are made in the US only.  It’s a one hour show based around industry people, events, products etc.

It’s Two Wheel Meltdown boys and girls!

Baker Drivetrain’s weekly online radio show focuses on the importance of buying American and our fast paced motorcycle industry. You can catch the show live Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm (EST) on, or download the app on your Android or I phone. The app is available for download from one of the  above websites.

Set your timers, alarm clocks, cell phones, whatever you have to do – but come and listen to the BANDIT interview on Internet Radio – Wednesday (October 30th) between 6pm and 7pm Eastern Standard Time!

5pm to 6pm Central Standard Time
4pm to 5pm Mountain Standard Time
3pm to 4pm Pacific Standard Time
Unless you live in Indiana, Arizona or other parts of the world – you are on your own figuring the time out!