Bagger Werx Supports PowerSport Institue

PowerSport Institute Manager, Ron Radeke and Bagger Werx Management reached an agreement for Bagger Werx to provide support to the program during up coming projects in 2014

“The popularity of the touring models in recent years has had a great and very positive impact on the industry, That being said, we plan to expose PSI students to a substantial amount of work in this realm. As we made this decision for our 2014 plan, we knew we needed to have access to some cool and unique products that our students could use and likely continue to use once in the work force. As we combed the internet and numerous publications, we came across Bagger Werx and founds tons of very cool products we had not seen before” Said Ron Radeke.

Radeke adds, “We contacted them and they immediately agreed to lend their support. It is a done deal and we are very glad to add them to our impressive list of sponsors / partners in excellence in education.”

Bagger Werx management states, “We are very happy PSI contacted us. We feel that if companies like our don’t take advantage of this chance to participate in programs such as this, we do the industry a terrible injustice. Without support from the industry, at some point, the industry will obviously suffer. To be part of this is very exciting opportunity is a great thing for all of us at Bagger Werx. We look forward to working with the staff and students in the very near future.”


PSI – American V-Twin Program Custom Bike Building Program

Train to Work on Custom Motorcycles
Train to become an American V-Twin specialist. PSI, a motorcycle mechanic school in Ohio, offers the American V-Twin Technology Program provides our students with a detailed overview of all the major American V-Twin manufacturers, such as Victory, S&S Cycle and Harley Davidson. Enrolling in the V-Twin Motorcycle Mechanic program, you will not only receive a detailed overview of each manufacturer’s model specific components, you will be trained to efficiently complete:

  • Service intervals
  • Safety check inspections
  • Top & bottom end servicing
  • Primary and secondary drive functionality
  • Starting, charging and ignition systems
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostic techniques

Following the electrical diagnostics of the V-Twin motorcycle mechanic program, you will also be covering fuel system operations and troubleshooting for carburetors and electronic fuel injection as well as operations of multiple fuel management systems, utilizing Daytona Twin Tech, Weisco’s Fuel Management Control, S&S’s VFI and IST Systems, and Harley Davidson’s Super Tuner.

Learn Every Aspect of being a Motorcycle Technician

One of the motorcycle building training techniques we utilize in doing this is Victory’s A.S.S.E.R.T. Program. This is also one of the many steps in a series of training videos called Manufacturer Service Dealer (MSD) that Victory has provided to our students so when they graduate, they have the opportunity to be MSD Certified.

Build a Custom Motorcycle
In addition to the industry standard motorcycle technician training you will receive, this program challenges our students with a custom bike building project. In our Custom Bike Building/ Performance Component, you can incorporate your creativity and innovation in design while focusing on performance drivability, functionality and safety initiatives while also giving you practical experience in motorcycle assembly. This unique custom bike building program offers the opportunity to combine technical instruction with design elements such as:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Laying paint
  • Rebuilding wiring harnesses
  • Customizing components

While you learn about motorcycle building techniques, we train you to “think outside the box” while giving you the skills to be individually motivated and challenged, making the instruction more valuable to you and ultimately, the PowerSport industry.

Think it, build it, ride it!

Our goal is to train the successful student so they will know how to build a motorcycle from a variety of engines, frames, wheels and suspension components, ultimately allowing the student to tune and run performance tests on our motorcycle dyno! As a motorcycle mechanic school in Ohio, PSI is ready to get you started today.

About Bagger Werx
Bagger Werx specializes in parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson Motorcycle with an emphasis on……you guessed it, baggers. The flagship of the product line is the drop seat kit pictured here.

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