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Australia OKs Lane Splitting For Motorcycles

By March 3, 2014General Posts


NSW motorcyclists will be the first in the country to be able to ride between cars as part of new measures to improve road safety.

The state government held a successful trial in Sydney’s CBD last year allowing motorcyclists to be exempt from existing lane filtering laws in an attempt to ease road congestion and measure potential safety issues for other road users. The new law, effective from July 1, will permit fully licensed motorcyclists to filter past stationary vehicles at intersections when it is safe to do so — but not in school zones during hours of operation and only when ridding slower than 30km/h.

Hornsby MP Matt Kean said the decision solved key issues for motorcyclists while maintaining road safety for other road users.‘‘The new rule changes will give us the opportunity to communicate with riders so they better understand the risks involved with lane filtering and educate them on safe filtering practice,’’ he said. ‘‘Motorists attempting to ‘lane filter’ at speeds over 30km/h will be committing an offence and will be fined for dangerous driving.’’