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ART ATTACK: Ian Barry’s British Re-Masterpieces

By December 5, 2013General Posts


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Recycled Classic British Bikes become works of art

Story and Photos by Paul Garson

Perhaps some would call it a “crime of passion” to “recycle” classic British bikes into “works of art,” but perhaps there’s significant leeway when the custom creations are for the most salvaged bits and pieces reconfigured into scratch built and streetable “one-offs.” Then again, do bikes… nut and bolt mechanical gizmos filled with goopy oil…deserve to be placed on pedestals and acclaimied as works of art? The answer is self-evident when you first lay eyes on the three motorcycles seen here. The trio of glistening, gleaming, yet fully funcitonal motorcycles come with relatively simple names for all that went into their making…The White, The Black, the Kestrel. More on the names later.


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