AMA Sez: Ride to Work Day, Monday, June 18

The American Motorcyclist Association is encouraging all motorcyclists to help demonstrate the practical benefits of commuting to work on a motorcycle on Monday, June 18, in celebration of the 21st Motorcycle and Scooter Ride to Work Day — and to ride responsibly and safely while doing it. 

"Motorcyclists know that motorcycles are fun to ride as well as an economical way to transport yourself from one point to another, and Ride to Work Day is a great way for us to demonstrate that to other road users en masse," said AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman. "AMA members ride responsibly and, with the summer riding season upon us, it's a good time to exercise safe riding practices and to request that other motorists be aware of motorcyclists on our roadways." 

Started in 1992, Ride to Work Day is now an international event, with participation in cities around the world and recognition by the federal and local governments in the United States. For millions of workers, motorcycles and scooters are an economical, efficient and socially responsible form of mobility that save energy, protect the environment and provide a broad range of other public benefits. 

According to the United States Census Bureau and the Department of Transportation, over 80 million cars and light trucks are used for daily commuting on American roads, and about 200,000 motorcycles and scooters are a regular part of this mix. On Ride to Work Day, the practical side of riding becomes more visible as a large number of America's motorcycles are ridden to work.

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