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Advanced Custom Motorcycle Wiring Revised

By December 11, 2013General Posts




A Bikernet Book Review by Kevin Thomas

By Kevin Thomas

Way back at the end of the last century, facing the inevitable mid-life crisis, I found myself the new owner of a then 23-year-old 1977 H-D Sportster. It had been mildly modified with fat tanks, flat handlebars and a freshly bored-out top end. One of the mods was the removal of the stock turn signals. My first summer of riding in twenty years was made even more exciting by negotiating traffic while using hand signals in place of turn signals.

Winter found the Sporty on a lift in the basement with tanks removed and the wiring harness exposed. Upon inspection the fix was not going to be an easy weekend of patching in the missing parts. The connectors were broken or missing. Wiring was cracked and crumbling. The decision was made to replace all the wiring. The J & P catalog revealed several custom wiring harness and turn signal options. This book would have saved me plenty of time frustration and money.