By January 21, 2020General Posts

Over the last couple of months, we’ve attempted to prepare for our first trial runs with the Salt Torpedo. Well, it’s happening today. We lifted the Torpedo off the lift and carefully lowered it to the deck day before yesterday.

I’ve been over this puppy making adjustments, corrections, and checks until I’m blue in the face, but yesterday I installed the lid and hoped for the best. We learn with every move we make.

A brother, Don Whalen was kind enough to loan us his new trailer, and it fit like a glove. We are heading to the desert near Johnson Valley this morning, where we may meet up with guys from JIMS machine, Lienweber crew and our pilot Micah McCloskey for test runs. Hang on for reports in the Thursday Bikernet Weekly News. Dr. Hamster said to layer up. “It will get cold in the desert in the afternoon.”