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Life and Times 2016


This may be an epiphany and maybe not. Uncle Monkey explained 2016 at the year’s end. Too bad. I wish I knew this coming in. It might have helped.

He was right about this year. It was packed with trials, obstacles and challenges. I’ve studied Buddhism for two years and it helped immensely this year. I’m not trying to sell anyone on Buddhism, but I needed a spiritual release and Dr. Feng introduced me to the amazing Hacienda Heights Temple and I learned how to meditate and benefit my mind. I discovered a medical fact. Meditation can help you relax. It can take the form of prayers, quiet reflection, or chanting, but they all work to relieve the mind of stress.

Let’s get back to what the hell caused me stress in 2016. In late 2015 the City of Los Angeles sent me a letter, get out of my building and don’t come back. My fourth wife had returned to the fold and I still dealt with Nyla’s kids down front. My second Chance book needed to be completed, which could be my last book.

Our Bonneville streamlined trike project languished at a shop in Texas. The shop, owned by a good friend, who built Nyla’s magnificent Root Beer Float bobber, struggled in our terrible economy and he couldn’t get to the trike. I had other sponsors waiting. I needed to confront the situation.

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