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I have a major bitch, actually a couple, but I will attempt to stay focused on Freedom. I just don’t get it. What happened to freedom in this country. We all know how important freedom is for the soul, but safety, and regulation took over.

How many times has this backfired, take the War on Drugs. Is it all about making money? Now the global warming/climate change craze is building agencies to control everything around climate fear. I just recently watched a climate report and the PHD said that perhaps 50 percent of climate change is caused by human behavior or fossil fuels, and the other 50 percent is caused by climate shifts.

This is a shot of our building from 1945. They changed the zoning, so their trying to kick us out.
This is a shot of our building from 1945. They changed the zoning, so their trying to kick us out.

So, when the EPA sits down to dream up more controls, more regulations, more restrictions, why can’t we require a Freedom test over unlimited control. If they are after something that will destroy an industry, or the freedom to create, why can’t they be required to back off and allow Freedom to shine. What’s so difficult about that?

Here are two examples. They want mandatory helmet laws, when a full face helmet can break your neck. And many helmets fuck with hearing and peripheral vision. So, basically wearing helmets is a gamble yet they want to make it mandatory.

They are trying to control performance motorcycles with CARB regs. Custom motorcycles will make no significant dent in the atmosphere, yet they use any excuse to mess with this small industry, while China builds more coal fired plants. What the hell? I can dig the big picture efforts, but leave some openings for Freedom and fun.

I would call this a balanced approach. Do we want to be controlled by the agencies we create? That’s what’s happening. Join your local motorcycle rights group, quick.

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