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A Locked Up Brother Needs Your Help

By January 4, 2016General Posts
Scan0032Many readers may know of Atomic Bob, pinstriper from Ohio. Recently, his family fell on hard times and he was incarcerated due to an altercation with a previous relationship over his personal belongings being returned. His wife and three daughters are dependent on him for his art talent to support the family. His wife, known as SaraBelle ran the company Atomic Dice Studio Arts LLC, but with the artist unable to paint motorcycles they have very little to no income.  While Atomic is away SaraBelle has focused her talents in graphic design on a new venture, prison art. Atomic creates artwork and sends it to her to create t-shirts, prints, shop rags and other rad pieces for people to purchase to help support the family.
Atomic has now entered the art program within Lorain Correctional Institution in Grafton, Ohio. While in prison Atomic receives assignments from SaraBelle over the phone and he mails her what he can kick out with #2 pencils and any scrap of paper he can find. Prison art accessories and prints can be purchased from the family under the Atomic Dice Store section of the website.  Some of the art sent was specifically for SaraBelle from Atomic, it will not be made into product, but we will share the beautiful images with you. Atomic waits in line to have a 10 min phone call with SaraBelle and will do this over and over instead of recreation, TV, or enjoying free time. His greatest love is his family and you can see that through the emotional feelings art pieces.
SaraBelle wanted to keep the art real and leave the crease line marks from the folded letters and art on the t-shirts for the raw design influence.  Currently, they are working on a line of cards, a children’s book about a hot rod, and always, more art! During the time Atomic is away, SaraBelle and the children are in need; a GoFundMe account was set up by Jeff Najar with Biker Pros to assist the family. Donations may be made at the following web address: