1934 Husqvarna Factory TT Racer

By June 6, 2018General Posts

Many moons ago I made my way to Stockholm, Sweden, where I found work in a restaurant at the Hotel Domus, and very much enjoyed the endless summer days and the local fauna and flora—lots of it very blond. At that time, vehicles drove on “the other side of the road” as in England, and I dodged many a Volvo and Saab, but not one Husqvarna TT of 1934 vintage. That would have to wait until I migrated to Los Angeles where all things motorcycle are possible. As a result, and this several years ago, I had the good fortune to meet  Chris Carlson, a native Swede now living the SoCal life, but also realizing a childhood dream to own and ride that very rare Husqy. Like all odysseys, it took time and determination and a few thousand miles traveled, and no small expenditure of hard-earned coin.

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