100 WFC: The Bad Deal All Around

100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC

The Bad Deal All Around
by Rhys

Woke up on a warm sunny day for early spring. Prepared for a shop run to check on my ‘49 Pan project: Rigid frame with performance gussets and a Coffin tank mounted high, with brown ribbons over metalflake paint. A girder front end was on order. A wild departure from my first bike, an old rat Triumph Tiger with an Indian blanket for a seat.

The phone rang, bad news. Break-in at the shop, everything down to the paint compressor taken. The builder feared for his life, fled to the west coast. I guessed it was a deal gone bad, perhaps drugs.

The comforting, warm, spring day suddenly turned cloudy and dark.

* * * * * * * *

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