This Is One of the Best Apple CarPlay Kits for Harley-Davidson

It goes without saying that installing an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto kit on a Harley-Davidson isn’t as easy as it is on a car, as the system needs to have some extra features that would make it appropriate for a motorcycle. And Sony knows this best, as its XAV-AX7000 AV receiver is one of the best choices right now for every Harley-Davidson owner, providing nearly the same experience as in a car. With a 6.05-inch capacitive touchscreen, the new Sony kit also features an anti-glare layer, which is without a doubt a nice thing to have on a motorcycle. But additionally, Sony has also added waterproof protection for the screen, so you really shouldn’t have any problems if it starts raining and you’re using CarPlay for navigation. And because rain is something that we can’t always predict accurately, Sony has also equipped the system with sealed buttons on the front-facing part in order to prevent water from reaching the internals. The XAV-AX7000 can also be used in a car, as it also comes with rear-view camera support, 4x100W Max. power output, and voice control for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to use it hands-free. The display features a 17:9 aspect ratio and a 800×480 resolution, with a 500 nits maximum brightness. This isn’t the best performance for sunny days, though, but it should get its job done most of the time. As for the price, the Sony XAV-AX7000 is available from a series of retailers starting at $499.99, but additional accessories might be required to install it on a motorcycle. It goes without saying that you should be able to install it at home without paying for professional installation, but make sure you read the manual to connect all cables properly. The device supports both Android Auto and CarPlay […]

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