Sonny Barger

Black Biker History

Recognizing Black History Month 2022 by Nick Resty and Mama Tried I do not claim to be an expert on any historical MC stuff, but I have always found it fascinating. Being a guy who tries to emulate what others have done in the past, I have always found it to be important and respectful to learn the history of the source of my passion. One aspect of chopper history that has always fascinated me are the black chopper builders and motorcycle clubs. That being said, I’ll just spout off things that I have learned through my chopper years thus far. CLICK HERE To Read this Feature Article from Nick Resty & Mama Tried CLICK Here To Subscribe to Bikernet’s Free Weekly Newsletter

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The Art & Craft of Extreme Book Collecting

A ready 101 inspecting the Hells Angels Book For quite a few years I have collected Author Signed Hardcover First Editions of various English language novels from many popular authors. They are mostly affordable especially if you meet the authors at book signings of their new releases or at various Literary Festivals, Cultural Events, etc. Anyways, this week I received the Hardcover First Edition of : Hell’s Angel : The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club Hardcover – July 2000 by Sonny Barger (Author), Keith Zimmerman (Author), Kent Zimmerman (Author) Now, even though the ISBN is the same, 1. the Publisher is different 2. the Date of publication is different 3. the number of pages is different So, here is what I found BEFORE buying the UK First Edition Hardcover READ THE DETAILED SCRUTINY AT CANTINA ARTICLE – CLICK HERE  

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