International Beaver Day 2023

Yup, it’s that time of the year. You are finally celebrating it since you rarely got to see any all year. Apparently today is also 75th World Health Day by WHO (World Health Organization). In 1948, the WHO held the First World Health Assembly. The Assembly decided to celebrate 7 April of each year, with effect from 1950, as the World Health Day. International Beaver Day is annually celebrated on April 7. Beavers Wetlands & Wildlife (B.W.W. ), a non-profit organisation with members in the United States, Canada, and other countries, created the holiday in 2009. What did the beaver say when it saw it’s home on fire? Dam! What did the beaver say to the tree? It’s been nice gnawing you What did the beaver say when he slipped in water? Damn it! Did you watch that Beaver Documentary? It was the Best Dam Show! What do you call a lazy beaver? A beaver that doesn’t give a dam. Why did the beaver need an alarm clock? It was too dam early. What did the sign for the party for beavers say? Beaver or be square. What is a beaver’s favorite snack? Wood chips. Where do beavers sleep? On a river bed. What did a river say when seeing beavers for the first time? Well I’ll be dammed! What does a French beaver call his dam? Ma’dame. Where do beavers keep their money? They keep it in the riverbank. Why are beavers always happy? They don’t give a dam. Why are beavers so good at maths? They love log-arithms. Did you hear about the beaver who learned to code? It was the best dam program ever made Someone once challenged me to tell a joke about beavers. I said dam, I can’t . What did one beaver say to […]

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Guess the first motorized vehicle to cross the U.S.

First motorized vehicle to cross the U.S. wasn’t a car – it was a bike by Jeff Peek from George A. Wyman made a name for himself as a bicycle racer, but he reached legendary status 119 years ago. He rode a motorized two-wheeler from San Francisco to New York to become the first person to cross the North American continent aboard an engine-powered vehicle. Read this Photo Feature Article on – Click Here * * * * Celebrating 25 years of

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Triumph Collector Stumbles Across Ultimate Collectible, the 1901 Prototype

from by Daniel Patrascu At the turn of the last century, a time when horse-drawn carriages turned into automobiles and bicycles into motorcycles, most of the companies active back then wanted a piece of the new action, and turned their businesses around to include the production of the new mechanical wonders. So did a British enterprise that went by the name Triumph Engineering, which used to make bicycles. Which, if you come to think of it, are just like motorcycles, only without engines, hence easy to re-make. And that’s exactly what Triumph did with one of its bikes, fitting it with a Minerva engine and opening the doors to a history that has spanned so far for 120 years. That production motorized two-wheeler came to be in 1902, but as you can imagine, a prototype had to be made before that. A prototype that, like many others of its kind, was considered lost for a long time, despite rumors surrounding its existence floating around. Extremely conveniently-timed, the first 1901 Triumph motorcycle prototype just resurfaced, having been uncovered by a collector named Dick Shepherd, and put back into the spotlight by the company itself. According to the available details, attesting to the motorcycle’s authenticity are the engine number, “consistent with references in Minerva’s engine records of a 1901 first Triumph engagement,” and a “letter from Triumph, dated in 1937, that outlined the bike’s unique origins and provided key details.” As far as we understand, the bike was uncovered some time ago, as the collector had time to restore it. “As a lifelong passionate fan of the history and achievements of this incredible British brand, to have discovered this amazing survivor and restored it to the glorious condition it would have been in when it first went on display in 1901,

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