Our First Clubhouse: ’60s Satan Slaves

Memories of Motorcycle Club from the early ’60s. by Dave Arthur Shortly after our club started in 1960, we got a clubhouse. I can’t remember if we got it in 1960 or 1961. It was an old house on about an acre. All the members in the club at that time were older than me, most had jobs and a place to live. I loved the new clubhouse, it was a wooden house and it was large and old. The driveway was dirt and long leading to the house. I decided to live there, and any member was welcome to do the same. We had parties there. The parties lasted a few days but there was always a straggler or two who might stay a week or so. CLICK HERE To Read this Article on Bikernet.com Join the Cantina for more – Subscribe Today ! https://www.bikernet.com/pages/custom/subscription.aspx

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