A Mono-wheel EV That’s Basically a Motorcycle Cut in Half – The Ryno

by Cristian Curmei from https://www.autoevolution.com/ It’s simply called the RYNO and it looks like the front end of my motorcycle got ripped off and you have to wheelie it home. No biggie. This thing is built like this and even functions on only this one wheel. This one-wheeled EV has no CO2 emissions and is designed for tight inner-city travels. Designed by Christopher Hoffmann, the Ryno sports a robot-welded steel frame offering the strength needed for both components and rider. Using balance technology similar to the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 and Segways, all the rider needs to do is lean forward to move forward, and lean back to slow it down or stop. Sensors detect the unicycle’s center of gravity and control a motor once a sense of direction is activated. A lot like life, wouldn’t you say? The front of the Ryno sports a classic handle-bar setup but with no front fork present, the bars are somehow glued into the frame. That same part of the frame extends forward with two rubber bumpers at the end that act as supports for the cycle when at rest. At rest, the thingamagig looks similarly to a horse that lowers its neck to the ground in order to allow its rider to mount. Also, underneath the handlebars sits a 12V DC power socket to allow you to charge your device on the go. At the rear of the vehicle, underneath the adjustable seat, you’ll find a shock absorber that offers a smooth ride and a parking brake component. Also at the rear, you’ll find a baggage rack suitable for your groceries or a backpack. Including your baggage, this contraption can carry 260 lbs (118Kg). One benefit of this vehicle is that it keeps the rider nearly upright. The rider is positioned […]

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