Laughlin River Run 2022

The Run that Wasn’t” by James “The Tileman” Conway with photos from James and Sam Burns It was Thursday mid-morning as I was sitting in my work truck… My phone rang I looked down to see who it was, and it was Hicks. Hicks is one of those friends who normally only calls when he needs help. He’s married and has been going through drama. Knowing this I answered the phone with some apprehension. He mentioned he had a room already for the River Run and that one of his other Bros had backed out on him. As I sat in my truck, I contemplated back-and-forth the pluses and negatives of going to Laughlin on such short notice. First thing to mind was–fuck it let’s go. CLICK HERE to read this Adventure only on Get an Exclusive Archive of 25 years of Motorcycling – Signup for the Cantina Membership

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