A Christmas Prayer

I pray for a world that harbors no hate, Where hunger, poverty, homelessness has been eradicated and greed, fraud, likes and deceit have been replaced with kindness, sharing, giving, trust and love, Where animals all have enough space and the school playground is a safe place and All can live and work together as one and enjoy nature’s simple beauty that’s around everyone, Where all disease is under control and health care is available for all, Where zealots, tyrants, war bullies, thugs no longer thrive, Where all are free, healthy, happy to be alive, So give thanks for that in which you love and believe, For us it’s God, family and friends, We all need love, friendship and a home, Peace be with you, May your holidays be truly blessed, — Love, Lana and Wayne Cobb

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A visit to one of Japan’s motorcycle Shitno shrine

You don’t have to be a motorcycle enthusiast to visit here, but it helps from There are tens of thousands of Shinto shrines all over Japan and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They also have a plethora of individual themes that visitors may want to visit for highly specific prayers such as scoring primo idol tickets or breaking up with a significant other. For example, did you know that there are 17 motorcycles shrines that have been sanctioned by the Japan Motorcycle Association? Our reporter Mr. Sato sure didn’t and decided to check one out when he learned of them…which is strange because he’s never ridden a motorcycle in his life. In fact, Mr. Sato is what’s known as a “paper driver” in Japan, which refers to a person who though licensed almost never gets behind a wheel. The irony in this is that even though paper drivers have almost no experience or confidence driving, they end up with pristine records and gold-class licenses identifying them as model drivers. And so, Mr. Sato got his motor running aboard a train and then headed out on the highway via a bus and finally went looking for adventure in whatever came his way on foot. And what came his way was the entrance to the Kashiwa no Mori Motorcycle Shrine, which was established on the property of BDS Co. Ltd., a company specializing in motorcycle auctions in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture. Upon entering the shrine precincts Mr. Sato saw four torii gates lined up in a row, dividing the shrine into four separate mini shrines. This was an unusual configuration so our reporter felt like he was in store for some special mojo on this shrine visit. Beyond the first torii was a shrine dedicated to Motomu,

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