100WFC: Blow Up a Sportster

THE CONTEST GOT JUMPSTARTED — NOW LET’S ALL KICK IT INTO GEAR Blow Up a Sportster by Gearheadwith illustration by Wayfarer Nicko worked at the garage down the block when his Mom called in a panic. Nicko hauled ass in his hopped up ‘67 Cougar. The alley gate lock to the storage yard swung open. Where is Dad’s Tahiti blown race boat? “Which way did they go,” Nicko yelled. “Did they steal anything else?” “I don’t think so,” Mom said. Nicko ran into the garage and still under the tarp was his turbo-charged Sportster street racer. Nicko flew from the garage in a wheel stand heading West down the alley. When his front 21 touched down, he rolled into the gas station where the thieves stopped to refuel. (publication dated 15-March-2024)

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Story of Bag Lady Sue

From Bags to Riches – a book by Suzanne ‘Bag Lady Sue’ Austin. You can find out more about her and order the book from her website Click Here to read Rogue’s comments on the book at Bikernet. Join the Cantina for more – Subscribe Today.

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