The Soft Globes of Life

by Bandit with Images from Sam Burns Sam Burns inspired me the other day, when he sent me a magnificent assemblage of beautiful women images. We couldn’t let them linger in a file without showing respect and love. Enjoy. Click here to reminisce on the great powerful orbs that are so commonly found and not easily fondled. * * * * For more madness, discover the Cantina Membership Visit:

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Bandit’s First Bike Feature in Easyriders

by Bandit with photos from the late Pete Chiodo I was working in a bike shop on Imperial Highway, US Choppers in 1970 to support going to Long Beach City College. I was into my first Shovelhead after I sold my 1969 XLCH, and perhaps my fourth bike build after the Sportster, a bent Triump 650 and a 45 trike ground up. Through Andy Hansen and Bob George I started to rebuild engines. I met Andy on the USS Maddox, DD731, which was my last duty station in the service. I started to work for Easyriders on the third issue in 1971. That puts me at about 52 years in the motorcycle industry. CLICK HERE To Read this Wonderful Flashback to glory days of Easyriders Magazine RIDING FREE FOR OVER 25 YEARS Subscribe to Cantina – 25 years of Feature Articles, Tech, Epic Biker Events & more – CLICK HERE

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Old School Rules

“Random Thoughts Throughout the Years” By Bob T. with photos from the exclusive Bob T. Collection One thing I remember the most is we “rode” our bikes not ride them. We lived the life. Rode hard and fast and built our own bikes to be different. Click Here to See this Photo Feature Article only on Join the Cantina for more – Subscribe Today

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