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Lowbrow Battery Line-Up and J&P about Testing By Bandit, the Lowbrow Team and Anthony Todd from J&P Cycles We found ourselves in the battery market again recently. We ran into a couple of issues. First, trying to fit a battery into an almost stock 1948 center oil tank. Lowbrow has an option, but it involved a very small anti-gravity lithium battery. Unfortunately, they were out of stock. Plus, they didn’t have a gel option. They did have a cool, stock, replica battery case. I did find a stock replacement battery but only in 6 Volt. I needed a 12-Volt unit for my 1948 UL. It had been modified for a 12-Volt system. Then the Lowbrow crew came up with this handy battery guide, so I thought I would share it with an article by Anthony Todd, of J&P Cycles, about testing charging systems. I went to J&P Cycles, but they don’t list battery dimensions on their website. I would think that would be a major drawback to sales, especially involving custom bikes. We all face custom oil bags with odd size battery holes. Or worse, we have limited space for a battery and need to adapt. We need to know the dimensions. Let’s roll through the Lowbrow report. The development of motorcycle batteries has really advanced in recent years. Back in-the-day a conventional motorcycle battery with an acid pack was the standard. You would open the top caps, pour in your acid pack, and throw it on a charger for 24 hours. This was the typical process for a lead acid classic motorcycle battery. There are a variety of types of motorcycle batteries for you to choose from these days. AGM maintenance free batteries, Gel AGM batteries, and Lithium motorcycle batteries are all on the market. Click Here to Read […]

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E3 Spark Plugs Introduces E3 Lithium Powersports Batteries

Longer lasting, lightweight and more environmentally sound than conventional batteries Ponta Vedre, FL (May 4, 2021) — E3 Spark Plugs, the makers of the patented DiamondFIRE Technology spark plug, announces the introduction of a new line of lithium phosphate powersports batteries. Born from cutting edge nano-scale materials, E3 Lithium promises to redefine power delivery in the powersports world. “We are extremely excited to bring the most powerful, most economical lithium powersports battery on the market today to enthusiasts everywhere,” said E3 Vice President of Motorsports & Business Development, Rob Fisher. “These batteries are durable, ultra-lightweight and incredibly powerful. Plus, they are designed to deliver years of exceptional performance which we back up with an industry first 5 year warranty.” Initially the product line features eight offerings, ranging in power output from 140 to 760 Cold Cranking Amps and covering a wide range of applications including motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, personal watercraft and more. Some of the performance benefits of the E3 Lithium line of powersports batteries include: 80% lighter than traditional batteries 3x longer life than traditional batteries Charges much faster than traditional batteries Delivers much quicker starts than traditional batteries IP 66 Environmental Rating (pressure washer friendly) Mounts in any position Environmentally friendly E3 Lithium Batteries feature an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) that maintains constant cell balancing to ensure that the output of the individual lithium packs inside the battery maintain equal output and charge levels at all times. In addition, the BMS offers the following model specific attributes to ensure years of trouble-free power delivery from your E3 Lithium Battery. Overcharge Protection Over-Discharge Protection Short Circuit Protection Excessive Cranking Protection Built In Cell Balancing Technology LED Battery Fault Light Indicator (select models only) The MSRP starts at $160.00; which makes this line the lightest, most powerful

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Harley-Davidson Lithium Battery

  I installed LITHIUM Batteries in a lot of motorcycles for other guys, and everyone has had good things to say about them, so now it’s my turn. Like everyone else I am looking for long life and powerful cranking amps. The Harley Davidson LITHIUM Battery promises that. They offer 2-times longer battery life and more cranking amps than standard AGM batteries. They weigh much less, have quality machined brass terminals and a built- in tester so you can tell how much charge is in it. There is a lot of technical stuff about these type batteries, and if you really want to know about the background information it’s readily available. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS TECH ARTICLE ON BIKERNET. Quick, Join the Cantina – Subscribe Today

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Side stand foot enlargement BMW F900R/XR & Lithium Battery

Side stand foot enlargement for BMW F900R & F900XR Feel safer parking your bike on dirt or asphalt with a side stand foot enlargement. More than 100% bigger contact area. Made of high quality aluminium. Black anodized. Easy to install. Side stand foot enlargement for BMW F900R & F900XR 26,70 Euro up (incl. VAT) plus shipping (press release and printable pictures) Lithium battery and battery charger for BMW motorcycles Due to its high output power due to the low internal resistance, this lithium battery starts motorcycles quickly. In addition, it is characterized by a low self-discharge. The height of the battery can be varied. The automatic charger is a microprocessor-controlled, intelligent battery charging and diagnostic tester for 12V lead-acid batteries (Gel, EXIDE, AGM, Hawker, Microflies and acid) which can also handle CAN-BUS systems. After switchover, it can also be used to charge modern lithium batteries. It works with characteristic controlled charging technology and allows for optimal charging and battery maintenance. All the connection accessories are included. Lithium battery for BMW motorcycles 94,90 Euro up (incl. VAT) plus shipping Automatic battery charger for BMW motorcycles 79,95 Euro up (incl. VAT) plus shipping (press release and printable pictures) ALSO of interest Stainless steel crash bars for BMW R1250 models New BMW motorcycle accessory catalogue 2020 by Hornig – ready for shipping! ZTechnik Windscreen for BMW R1250R Windshield R-Racer for BMW S1000RR (2019- ) Motorcycle Accessory Hornig GmbH Gewerbepark Chammünster Nord C 5 D93413 Cham Germany

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