New To Skateboarding?

“Don’t let that feeling go….keep on truckin !!!” Hey, Your Bikernet Blog Editor got grounded from riding his bike out of city limits. Well, actually, my mother has been sick consistently since she caught COVID-19 in January 2022. She has been in-and-out of hospital twice in past 30 days. I needed to get some wheels rolling near my residence so that I am available for mom and also able to enjoy some outdoor excitement. I decided on a new adventure — a hobby for Skateboarding. How childish? Imagine your dad riding down the street on a skateboard. Well, remove the stigma and join in. Can you imagine anyone other than a lifelong motorcyclist doing something so crazy in his/her early 40s age? This skateboard is the only vehicular-thing with more than two-wheels that I own. Below I present a few useful YouTube Videos I found that got me off to a “flipping” start. It’s not exactly a how-to but more of a how-others do it. Do These 10 Things Make A Difference In Skateboarding? How to Set Up a Skateboard for Beginners HOW TO SKATEBOARD FOR BEGINNERS | HOW TO SKATEBOARD EPISODE 1 Both of these two YouTube Content Creators have done a good job — though you may find one more useful than the other when you visit their YouTube Channel….depending upon your skill level and natural aptitude. Their Channels are: 1. Braille Skateboarding Playlists 2. VLSkate Playlists * * * * So hit the deck and get off to a rockin start this weekend!!!

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