What is Hub-center Steering Motorcycle & Why it is Better

by Todd Halterman from https://www.autoevolution.com Hub-center steering is one of several different types of front-end suspension and steering mechanisms used in motorcycles and cargo bicycles. It is essentially a mechanism that uses steering pivot points inside the wheel hub rather than a geometry that places the wheel in a headstock like the traditional motorcycle layout. Perhaps the most venerable example of the idea came in the form of the 1930 Majestic. This Georges Roy design used a novel pressed-steel monocoque chassis, and it incorporated an automotive-type chassis with hub-center steering. Other bikes had already used the configuration in such machines as the Ner-A-Car and the Zenith Auto-Bi, but the Majestic made it lovely to behold. Another bike, the Vyrus 984 C3 2V Razzetto, was one such motorcycle that used hub-center geometry. Vyrus is a small Italian motorcycle manufacturer based in Coriano, Italy, and their bikes such as the “Tesi” – Thesis in Italian – had their designs originate from a university engineering project linked to the motorcycle legend Massimo Tamburini. The Tesi, and the Vyrus 984, were instantly identifiable by their use of their hub-center steering front suspension and steering arrangement. Those fabulously expensive bespoke motorcycles have been called “functional works of art,” and they look a bit like something you might see in a video game. In hub-centered bikes, the front wheel is attached to a swingarm with a shock and an internal pivot point. Steering is achieved using those linkages to turn the wheel on a pivot point. Hub-center steering has been employed on motorcycles for more than a century, but the design, despite what some engineers say offers a distinct advantage, never took hold. But the founder of Vyrus, Ascanio Rodorigo, once worked for Bimota as a race mechanic and engineer during the 1970s and his tenure […]

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GMA handlebar wiring harness

GMA custom 48″ handlebar wiring harness for 1″ bars GMA, a member of the Belt Drives Limited family of companies, is now offering a complete handlebar wiring harness designed exclusively for the popular GMA hand controls. Available with or without their custom replacement switch housings, kits include 48” long OEM color coded wires that are pre soldered to the micro barrel switch buttons. Wires are encased in a protective glue impregnated shrink tube at the buttons to ensure secure connections while pulling wires through your bars. Additional lengths of shrink tube are included along with pin connectors. Deutsch 6 pin connector housings, and a small brain box ensure positive – flawless operation. Each kit comes with an easy to follow simplified wiring schematic. Part numbers are GMA-HBWH, “wire harness, no switch housings”, GMA-HBWH-SW-P, “wire harness with polished switch housings” GMA-HBWH-SW-B, “wire harness with black switch housings” & GMA-HBWH-SW-C, “wire harness with chrome switch housings. Retail prices are from $235.00 for harness only up to $459.00 for harness and chrome housings. For additional information and to order visit GMA at www.beltdrives.com

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Handlebar risers and decor sticker set for BMW R1250R/RS

Raising the handlebar by 30mm results in a more upright, much more relaxed seating position. Moreover, the handlebar is brought 21mm closer to the rider which additionally improves driving comfort. The overall result is a noticeable increase in stamina and concentration. Long stretches on the motorway are less nerve-racking. Fits on original 32mm handlebar. With EU street homologation! Handlebar Risers with Offset for BMW R1250R & R1250RS 100,95 Euro / 104,80 Euro (incl. VAT) plus shipping Decor sticker set for BMW R1250R This decor sticker set for the left and right side gives your R1250R a special look and makes your motorcycle stand out from the crowd. Shipping includes: – 1 sticker \”R1250R\” for the cardan – 1 sticker \”Hornig\” (can optionally be sticked to any free surface on the motorcycle) – 2 hook/arrow stickers for the front mudguard – 4 strips for the left and the right side of the tank fairing (you need 2 strips plus one short piece of strip for each side). Other colors on request. Decor sticker set for BMW R1250R 29,00 Euro up (incl. VAT) plus shipping We already have products for the new BMW Motorrad models: R1250GS: http://www.mhornig.com/BMW-R-1250-GS/ R1250RT: http://www.mhornig.com/BMW-R-1250-RT/ S1000RR (2019): http://www.mhornig.com/BMW-S-1000-RR-2019/ R1250RS: http://www.mhornig.com/BMW-R-1250-RS/ R1250R: http://www.mhornig.com/BMW-R-1250-R/ You could also be interested in: Racing screen for BMW S1000RR (2019- ) http://www.mhornig.com/Company.html?newsid=411 Handlebar Risers for BMW G310R & G310GS http://www.mhornig.com/Company.html?newsid=412 V-Stream Windscreen for BMW F750GS http://www.mhornig.com/Company.html?newsid=408 Fork Crash Protectors for BMW G310GS & G310R http://www.mhornig.com/Company.html?newsid=409 Motorcycle Accessory Hornig GmbH Gewerbepark Chammünster Nord C 5 D93413 Cham Germany http://www.motorcycleparts-hornig.com

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