Hoffman Family Gold Quest on Discovery Channel

Tune In: HOFFMAN FAMILY GOLD Premieres on Discovery THE TODDFATHER IS BACK ON DISCOVERY! TODD HOFFMAN IS READY TO STRIKE GOLD ONCE AGAIN IN ALL NEW SERIES HOFFMAN FAMILY GOLD HOFFMAN FAMILY GOLD PREMIERES  MARCH 25, FRIDAY AT 10 P.M. ET/PT ON DISCOVERY WATCH TRAILER HERE NASHVILLE, Tenn. – When gold runs in your veins, you can’t stay away forever. Todd Hoffman started Discovery’s gold mining craze, and tonight he returns to Discovery with the premiere of HOFFMAN FAMILY GOLD at 10 p.m. ET/PT after the GOLD RUSH finale. Episodes will be available to stream the same day on discovery+, and starting Friday, April 1, new episodes will air at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery. Four years after he walked away from his tumultuous mining career to focus on his family, Todd has been given an opportunity too good to pass up and is returning to Alaska for one final shot at redemption. With his father Jack and his son Hunter in tow, will the Hoffmans be able to save a struggling mine for the ultimate payday? Or have they bitten off more than they can mine? Love him or hate him, fans of Discovery’s No. 1-rated show GOLD RUSH have watched Todd Hoffman from the very beginning when the original dreamer took to mining and launched the franchise. Todd has excavated mine after mine for a chance to strike it rich in gold. After hanging up his gold pan more than four years ago, Todd is banking his future mining career on turning around a rundown mine far off the grid 80 miles north of Nome, Alaska. With Alaska’s unforgiving weather, rookie crews and beat up equipment, the mine is struggling to keep operations going. Trying to save this mine is a big gamble for Todd, but if he […]

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Harley-Davidson Golden Lowrider Is Why Gold Is Not Cool on Custom Bikes

by Daniel Patrascu from We’re not sure what is it about gold that makes it look so tacky on cars and motorcycles, but it is what it is: although there are some trying to make gold give a noble look to their rides, all they manage to do is make them look completely and uselessly bling. In the world of motorcycles, the Yamaha-based Nehmesis is the perfect example of bling builds. Completed some years ago, the extreme machine would have looked perhaps even greater had any other colors than gold and red velvet would have been chosen for it. Of course, what’s poor taste for some is worth every penny for others. Despite its shortcomings, the Nehmesis is worth around $3 million, making it one of the most expensive in the world and by extension justifying the choice of hue. A lot cheaper, but equally disturbing to look at, is this Golden Lowrider we have here. Created by German custom shop Thunderbike by pairing a custom frame and tons of custom parts with a Harley-Davidson engine, the two-wheeler goes against everything the garage is usually about. Used to being treated with incredible builds wrapped in colors that only enhance the visual look and at times even mean something – courtesy of the shop’s usual partner in this field, Kruse Design – we kind of find this one a disappointment. Sure, the overall shapes and the mechanics that went into it are of the usual German quality, but those are completely outshined by the gold that wraps around everything with the exception of the engine, exhaust, and some other minor elements. The Golden Lowrider was made by the Germans some time ago, and as usual we’re not being told how much it cost. We also have no idea where the

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This Custom Harley Street Bob Is Literal Gold

by Enrico Punsalang from Sometimes all that glitters really is gold. Few custom motorcycle builders are as unorthodox and eccentric a the folks at Polish custom shop, Game Over Cycles. Judging from their name alone, you’re certain that they churn out some pretty unique builds over there. Based on Game Over Cycles’ Instagram profile, the shop’s builds generally occupy the steampunk, tribal, and even dystopian themes. One bike, however, stands out from the rest. This 2019 Harley-Davidson Street Bob was transformed into something entirely unique, something evoking pure emotion on the part of the owner. Dubbed the “New York – Rzeszow Motorcycle”, (don’t ask me how that’s pronounced) this bike was meant to pay homage to the places the owner calls home: New York City, and Rzeszow, a city in Poland. One glance at this machine is not enough for you to absorb all the tributes and easter eggs that were so meticulously integrated into this work of art. I, literally, could spend hours admiring each and every detail on this bike. For instance, it pays tribute to New York City by depicting the Manhattan skyline and other notable buildings such as one of the World Trade Center towers on its wheels. This also makes the bike a 9/11 monument with more tribute pieces to the buildings involved in that fateful day. Apart from this, an exhaust manifold cover was designed to depict the Chrysler Building which was plated in 24k gold. Additional details that honor New York culture is the logo of the New York Yankees on the timing cover. The brass fuel tank is painted in black with a subtle depiction of the Brooklyn Bridge on top. The front end was designed to represent the ruins of the World Trade Center with “9/11 Never Forget” engraved at

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