Sturgis sponsor Harley-Davidson refused to send employees to annual rally over COVID-19 fears

by Matthew Chapman from The ten-day Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is moving forward in South Dakota despite fears from health experts that it will be a superspreader event for COVID-19. According to The Daily Beast, even Harley-Davidson, the official motorcycle manufacturer of the Sturgis rally, is cautious about scaling up its operations at the event. “The dangers gave pause even to a company that counts on people’s willingness to risk being pinballed around without the protection of seat belts or air bags,” reported special correspondent Michael Daly. “To have participated in the rally as it had in past years would have meant being party to recklessness of a different order even than riding a motorcycle without a helmet. If you hop on a hog without a helmet, you are endangering only yourself. But if you go about without a mask you are endangering others.” According to the report, Harley-Davidson has declined to send any staff to the event, and is not directly vending products or holding demos as it has in previous years. “Usually, we have trucks and staff and products and demos and everything,” said a spokesperson. “This year, we aren’t doing that.” The spokesperson added, “We made the decision to kind of support it in a different way. This year, we’re doing it in a way that supports social distancing.” This is not the first time Harley-Davidson has been at odds with many of its customers. Two years ago, President Donald Trump picked a fight with the motorcycle brand over its decision to shift some production to Europe to avoid the trade war, and at that year’s Sturgis rally, many bikers said they were backing the president over the manufacturer of their rides.

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Is It Safe To Ride My Motorcycle During The Outbreak?

by Sabrina Giacomini from The fun type of social distancing. UPDATE: Note that there could be lockdowns and “stay at home” orders in your city or your state as the situation evolves and we don’t recommend you overlook them because “riding is seemingly safe”. We’re not your mom, but we recommend you follow your local authorities’ recommendations. Some readers also pointed out that I didn’t discuss about the possibility of crashes since the question was focused on the virus but I thought it was a good point to touch on. Going for a ride has its risks, whether it’s coming in contact with the virus or getting into a crash. The streets are quieter but it doesn’t mean there’s no risk of making a mistake or of being hit by someone. Remember that medical facilities and staff are strained at the moment. While riding is relatively safe from a contagion perspective, there’s still the usual risk of an incident that could require you go to the hospital—and this is not a good time to go to the hospital. Keep that in mind. As we wrote already, the better we cooperate, the smarter we go about this,the sooner we’ll get to go back out there without restrictions. Stay safe everyone! Is it safe to ride during this outbreak? Are my full-face helmet, gloves, and other apparel able to protect me? Are motorcycle riders risk-free? Just question to exercise our riding knowledge. – Ancarlos Hi Ancarlos! Thank you for asking your question, I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one wondering about that. Please note, however, that though we like to think we know a lot of things at RideApart, we’re also not doctors. If you have any real concerns or are considered a potentially vulnerable patient, asking someone who is

Is It Safe To Ride My Motorcycle During The Outbreak? Read More »

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