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Lou Kimzey: the Original Editor/Publisher of Easyriders Magazine

By J.J. Solari with photos by Kim Peterson and Pete Chiodo Bandit worked with the guy every day. In fact, he was hired by the guy. Basically sight unseen, just from an inquiry Bandit made on the phone about a motorcycle he built that the new rag might want to take pictures of. Kimzey said “You want a job here?” As Bandit very interestingly put it – his apparently “mystical” abilities to successfully defy the publishing industry AND to be immune to published criticism by them. But they all knew he was there. In fact, I am prepared to say that Lou Kimzey is in a club with only two people in it: “The Club of Editors Who Advanced America.” The other is John W. Campbell. CLICK HERE To Read the Important History and Legacy of Lou, Motorcycling & Easyriders. Join the Cantina for more – Subscribe Today.

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Life and Times of Bandit, June 2021

The Final Escape to the Badlands A buddy of mine came over yesterday. He’s from the old school Chicago streets and he’s a riddled with wild stories. He just bought a book about the Hangmen MC from back in the ’60s. For a minute I met and rode with some Hangmen and Outlaws, in Long Beach. They weren’t associated with the gang back east. In the early club days, a group of riders would just pick up whatever club name they thought was cool and run with it. Sorta the deal applied to the Berdo Hells Angels and the bay area group. Click Here to read this Adventure only on Bikernet. Join the Cantina for more – Subscribe Today.

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A Biker celebrates his 90th birthday by riding his motorcycle

by Karassa Stinchcomb from by Eloise Ogden from Berthold farmer and motorcyclist celebrates his 90th birthday in a big way. Some people say he’s a legend in the motorcycle community. He celebrated a big milestone that some people never get to experience — his 90th birthday. “You only turn 90 once. It’s a pretty big deal! And for somebody to still be riding at 90 is huge!” said Kelsey Schlag, the marketing manager at Magic City Harley Davidson. Schlag is talking about Oliver Skinningsrud, better known as Ole. Ole is an active motorcyclist — even at age 90. “Ole’s been tickled to death! 90 years old, it’s pretty special somebody 90 can still ride like Ole does,” said David Williamson, Ole’s friend. The biker community stepped up to throw him this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. More than 20 bikers from KAHU, Minot Hog Chapter, Norsemen and Ramblers motorcycle clubs rode with Ole to the Magic City Harley Davidson shop from Berthold. He also received a special escort from the sheriff’s department. Skinningsrud on his trike, a red Harley-Davidson three-wheeler, led the group of about 45 motorcycle riders from Berthold to Minot, followed by Ward County Sheriff’s Department vehicles with flashing lights. Around 100 people were at the Harley-Davidson dealership for a birthday gathering there. A Korean War veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, was honored earlier in the day at a noon lunch with friends and neighbors at Carpio’s Senior Citizens Center. “When Ole found out, oh he just couldn’t believe he was getting escorted!” Williamson said. “It was wonderful! Yep. They sure did a good job,” Skinningsrud said. “This is great! I wasn’t expecting all of these people, so I think that really shows how great the biker community is,” Schlag said. Everyone enjoyed dinner, good conversation

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