The Best Times Bikernet Weekly News for July 9, 2020

And It’s Just Getting Better Hey, This week was tough. I had some interesting interactions with folks in the industry. I won’t go into them except to throw some of my adages out there. First, other than the Covid nightmare, we are living in the best of times. The edges may be rough, but think about it. I have always supported our Presidents, I don’t care what party they came from. When a man or a woman is President of the United States, they have the toughest job on the planet. In this case he’s trying to make America Great again, while fighting the worst Pandemic in almost 100 years. Before you know it, there will be a vaccine and the world will rock again, until the next time. Think about the best of times. We couldn’t possibly be able to move as fast with efforts to curb disease without the technology we have. I just moved to Deadwood, and I had a tough time finding a town without franchise joints on every corner. I turned the lights on, and the heat worked. There was food in walking distance and medical support in Sturgis with a considerable VA hospital. Life is incredible. Motorcycle parts are delivered every day, amazing. CLICK HERE TO READ THE WEEKLY NEWS ON BIKERNET Join the Cantina today

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