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Deep 18-inch Wheels on Custom Harley-Davidson

by Daniel Patrascu from Dark, custom two-wheeled machines shot in dark settings. This is how a Japanese shop by the name of Bad Land likes to play the game, and most of the time it nails the effect it goes for. Bad Land is one of those garages that don’t like to fool around when it comes to its own interpretation of two-wheelers. Specializing in reinterpreting Harley-Davidson creations, the shop has been over the years responsible for making possibly hundreds of unique projects, some of which we’ve already featured. The transformed Harley you’re looking at now is called Ise Dragon, and it follows in the footsteps of all other Bad Land builds with cold, dark looks, a polished appearance, and custom parts at times so extreme it is hard to find anywhere else – the wheels, for instance, are of the shop’s own design and both sized 18 inches, but the rear one looks so deep it kind of makes one afraid not to get lost in it – check photos for details. Of all the builds of the Japanese we’ve featured so far, this one probably has the most Bad Land-made bits. Aside from the wheels, which are shod in Metzeler tires, the Japanese shop contributed pretty much everything, from the triple tree to the rear fender Click Here for full details: Only the forward control unit and grips come from Performance Machine, and Ken’s Factory contributed the mirror and LED turn light. We are not being told if the twin-cam engine of the motorcycle was tampered with in any way, except for the addition of a custom exhaust system. The motorcycle was first shown in early 2020, and we have no idea what happened to it since. The radical design does however worth its time under […]

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Custom Harley-Davidson a Mesh of Parts with Old School Look

by Daniel Patrascu from Fancy a modern Harley-Davidson with old-school looks? Look no further than this customized two-wheeler, coming to our screens all the way from Japan. What you’re looking at was initially a 2017 Softail. It somehow got into the hands and workshop of Japanese custom specialist Bad Land, and got turned into this amazing, old school look and feel motorcycle, christened by its maker Shishigaya Style No. 1. 2017 TwinCam Softail Slim BL Shishigaya Style Custom Specs Front & Rear Wheel : OEM 74″ Old Springer Fork STD. Length : W&W Cycles 74″ Old Springer Fork : Rocker arm / Modify by BAD LAND Front Fender : W&W Cycles / Modify by BAD LAND Headlight : OEM Headlight Grill : Rough Crafts Handlebar : W&W Cycles / Modify by BAD LAND Gasolie Tank : OEM / Modify by BAD LAND Front Fender : W&W Cycles / Modify by BAD LAND Rocker Cover : Ken’s Factory Cam Cover : Ken’s Factory T/M Side Cover : Ken’s Factory Exhaust : PAUGHCO / BAD LAND in One-Off Air Cleaner Cover : OEM / Modify by BAD LAND Paint : Naturally Paint And More… Like with pretty much all other builds signed by Bad Land, this one too is a remarkable collection of custom parts coming from a variety of shops, and made to fit together in an amazing and elegant way. Sitting inside the frame to power the beast is a Screamin’ Eagle 110 monster of an engine that breaths through a Paughco exhaust system. The engine spins OEM front and rear wheels, and gets its fuel from an equally OEM tank, massaged into a different form by Bad Land. Also original equipments are the headlight and air cleaner (it too modified), but that’s about it, the rest is aftermarket.

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