100 WFC: Preacher Run by J J Solari

100 word fiction contest continues…. #100WFC Preacher Run by J J Solari with unholy illustration by Wayfarer Some preacher self-absorbed pile of sanctimonious piety yelled at me, “Do you know what you need to do to be saved???” ….all accusatory. I said, “Yeah: be born after 33AD, cockfuck, which I was. Is that about how you gut it figured?” Apparently it wasn’t. He proceeded to order me to Hell. I said “Will you be there?” He said not a chance. I said “I’m on my way!!” He managed to get even more infuriated. Which, based on his current level of fulminary spittle-spraying, I thought very impressive. * * * Yup, its a weekly contest open to all. Just sign up for the free weekly newsletter by clicking here. Then email us your 100 word limit fiction to wayfarer@bikernet.com WINNERS SO FAR: 1. for the month of May 2023: “Been There Done That” by Steven Sanner 2. for the month of June 2023: “A Hundred” by Chris Dutcher 3. for the month of July 2023: “First Time” by Rhys 4. for the month of August 2023: “Hilary” by Gearhead 5. for the month of September 2023: “Mountain” by Koz Mraz

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