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Why Desert Dawgs Rain Guards Will Continue to be MADE IN THE USA

By November 21, 2013General Posts

The Desert Dawgs are the easiest way to keep rain off your feet and legs and they’ll go a long way toward cutting down those annoying updrafts and buffeting. And if you want something that takes only seconds to put on or take off, the Desert Dawgs will beat a fairing any day (and they’re a LOT less expensive).

In Leader’s newest video, Desert Dawgs, co-owner Tracey Cramer takes on the issue of price, not just explaining but showing why all the little things add up to a product you should have on your bike.

  • ·  Why the Desert Dawgs have no temperature restriction
  • ·  What makes the material itself different and more resilient
  • ·  The benefits of our patented clip-and-velcro design
  • ·  Highlights features that don?t exist in competitive products

But perhaps most important, Tracey tells it like it is when it comes to manufacturing in the US: To get a cheaper product, we’d have to have the Desert Dawgs made in China. We’ve seen what happens to quality then (and you probably have too!). We’re a family owned business, and it’s important to us that we support the people that made America great, and that means paying them fairly, because they deserve it for the quality work they do.

The Desert Dawgs have been made in the USA since their inception 13+ years ago, and this video shows why we’re committed to keeping production in the USA!